Jacklistens – Get 2 Free Tacos – Jack in the Box Customer Survey

Jacklistens – For a company, customer satisfaction is the best priority among its other need because the satisfaction of customers is an important part of being the best restaurant.


Jacklistens – Get 2 Free Tacos

So that is why it wants the feedback from its customer to know about its services and can make it more satisfaction survey, so that is why it is a humble request to you to send feedback to this company. 

Survey Name
Jack Listens
Survey URL
Survey Reward
Coupon for FREE Tacos or BOGO Offer (see receipt)
Time To Complete
3-5 Minutes
Purchase Required?
No Purchase Necessary

In this today’s world, the company’s way of maintaining these records has gone very digital. That is why every company is helping an online survey to know the peoples about its services and improve it. It wants to tell you how you want your services the next time you visit. 

How To Take A Jacklistens Survey?

You can follow these steps to take the survey, and once you submit the survey, then you can privilege your rewards:

  • When applying online, it is crucial to connect your device with an internet connection.
  • Then open the site of this restaurant, then click next.
  • Once you enter this survey, a message of thank you will come to you for taking part in this restaurant. 
  • Then you have to choose a language in which you want to take a survey.
  • Then click on the button start, and your survey will be begun.


Benefits and Rewards 

There are rewards also you can get to take part in this restaurant:

  • If you buy the highest patisserie, you will get another free. You can get a free oversize pack as a reward.
  • You may also get the jack in the box two free tacos when you buy anything from the cafeteria, and also, you can privilege this even on a drink.

Terms and conditions 

  • To participate in this restaurant, you must receive your last visit to this restaurant. 
  • In this survey, you must enter your valid email id to get the validation code. 


Requirments Of Jack In The Box Survey

To take part in this survey, you are required to have a look at the principles:

  • For the time you are taking in the survey, you must only offer quintessence on the survey questions. 
  • If you are going to participate in this survy then make sure that you have a good internet connection. 
  • Also, you have to mention your receipt when the employees ask you about it. 

Eligibility and criteria 

To complete your survey, you must be eligible for these criteria:

  • You can take a survey when you or one of the members in 50 states of America. 
  • If you are going to take a survey in this restaurant, then remember that you should not be the restaurant’s employees and should not be the employee’s relatives. 
  • You must have some basic knowledge of English or Spanish. You can take your survey in one of these languages but remember you have to both languages. 


About the Jacklistens company 

Jacklisten, an American fast chain founded in 1951  in San Diego by a famous person, Robert o. jack, is now found in 21 states in the usa. This company is now launched in many locations of usa, and this company is famous for many delicious items like you can get French fries, burgers, and tacos. 

But this company requested you to send your feedback after completing the survey so that any improvement needed in this restaurant can be improved. This company is also famous for giving its customers prizes or rewards after completing the visit.

If you complete your survey in this restaurant, you can get a free coupon code and get some gift cards. Also, you can get a discount on your purchase when you come here next time. 


I have given all the information in this article, but if you still have any issues, you can contact me personally. I will try my best to answer your question to make your trip happy. 


Jacklistens FAQs 

What can I get free in this restaurant?

You can get two free tacos on your next visit to this restaurant and get a discount.

How can I apply for taking a survey in this restaurant?

To take a survey in this restaurant, you have two methods. First is that you can apply through its official website and the second one is that you can use for this survey by phone call.

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